Dear Friends,

Someone accused me of being “normal” yesterday. Can you believe that? Ugh! Some people… here’s how I conveyed that to Mom and Dad.

Dad (by phone): Stand by one, let me get your mother.
Mer: I need you both on the phone.
Mom: Hello?
Mer: Hi! Are you sitting down? I have news.
Mom (apprehensively): O… K…
Mer: Dad, are you sitting down?
Dad: I’m pouring myself a cup of coffee.
Mer: OK, I need you to step away from the hot beverage, lest the news cause you to burn yourself.
Dad (dubiously): Right…
Mer: OK, so the ID doc left me a message and said my aspergillus level is 87.
Mom/Dad: OK…/which means what?
Mer: Well, last time it was 112, and the upper bound of the normal range is 102, soooooo… *trumpets* you have a normal daughter!!!!
Mom: What’s the fun in that?
Dad: Nonsense, I don’t believe that for a minute.

Aladdin Genie

YOU GUYS!! I’m not saying it’s time for the Mission Accomplished banner (although maybe, depending on your definition of “accomplished”…), but this is Scott-Hamilton-HUGE! Fungus United is definitely in retreat mode. I’ll stay on the anti-fungal until my next appointment with ID toward the end of October, and then hopefully I can stop taking it, and we can just monitor the aspergillus levels in my blood every 3-6 months (my estimate… she may want to check more frequently at first) from then on out. So if we see it going up, either just over time or dramatically, we can assess whether I should go back on the anti-fungal.


Also, I’m taking a microprocessor knee (computerized) out for a test drive… test walk? I’m testing out a microprocessor knee next week to see if I like it and whether it helps me in ways my current, purely mechanical knee doesn’t – like stairs, or balance. For example, in theory I wouldn’t have to worry about the knee unlocking unexpectedly and my suddenly being at eye level with Polly as she sniffs something with the intensity of a thousand suns. This happens often enough that it no longer phases her, and she’ll look up at me like, “Oh it’s just you on the ground again,” before returning her attention to #AllTheSmells. I digress.

I am creeping quite close to my annual catastrophic max with health insurance again (after which I don’t pay anything out of pocket for approved, in network charges/insurance pays at 100%), so I figure, now might be a good time to get some high tech DME. And then my small friends would be even more justified in calling my prosthesis my robot leg! Which is totally normal… pretty soon everyone will have one – or even two!


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