🎵 Sugar Butter Flour

Dear Friends, Polly and I were out on a pre-bed constitutional the other night, and as she followed mysterious and undetectable smells, I fell into my old pastime of rewriting songs about her. In this case, it was the song What’s Inside from the Broadway show, Waitress, which begins with a beautiful earworm of, ”Sugar… Continue reading 🎵 Sugar Butter Flour

“And with that, it’s time for more banjo”

Dear Friends, Happy belated May Day! What a wild and crazy busy week that just passed… here’s a quick rundown of what happened: Little Lad came home from the NICU. I had follow ups with the plastic surgeon and the nurse practitioner at #NewOncologist’s office and got a phone call from the genetic counselor at… Continue reading “And with that, it’s time for more banjo”